VW Jetta Mk5 hacking – 5 year report

Well my peoples’ car has turned 5 years old. Manufactured in May 2007, and purchased in December 2007 for the express purpose of ferrying MissNow9 to school, it has performed admirably during its tenure as a shuttle bus. Got it cleaned today, so p…

Tales of Piaggio Vespa Tuning

The only red Italian two-seater that I will be able to afford has been in my garage, it seems, forever. But I’ve never written about it. My Piaggio Vespa PX200E was purchased new in Hong Kong, in 2002, and has been a quiet (cough, ahh not really) and simple pleasure for all of that time. Whilst I may not ride it so […]

Fixed Gear Fixes

A few years ago, I was into fixed gear bicycles. I still am, but the kilometres I travel has dropped to zero. Cycling in Australia is too dangerous; it must be, because I have to wear a helmet even when I’m not racing. Though my stories have been up for over 10 years at the Fixed […]