Old Sunshine – migrating Ultra5 to Sparc64

I pulled a Sun Microsystems Ultra5 machine out of the e-waste some time ago, and have been running various versions of debian sparc or Ubuntu on it for the last few years. The final version was debian Wheezy, the current old old stable. However, since there is no further work on the debian old old […]

Ice Tube Clock – Hands Free Mod

Since banning tablets in the bedroom overnight, Miss10 has needed an alarm clock. So, for the last few months we’ve been looking for something suitably cool, and inexpensive. As it happens, the Adafruit Ice Tube Clock Kit is exactly the right answer. Exactly the right amount of powder blue glow that is needed, matched with undeniable […]


My SSD and eSATA caddy have arrived. So now we plug it all in and off we go. Some testing on my amd64 Ubuntu Linux Machine, for comparison with the uSD cards used for the UDOO currently. The SanDisk Black uSD card behaves in the amd64 machine, just as it did in the UDOO previously. […]

PayWave & PayPass deletion via RFID antenna kill

I’ve been concerned about the unilateral addition of RFID technology to my bank access cards and to my credit cards for some time. This technology has the potential to be invasive and insecure for the user. Using RFID PayPass will make you spend 30% more than you had planned, off the top of your wallet. […]

Elekit TU-879S Stereo Valve Amplifier Kit Review

Looking for a new project, I decided to build a valve (tube) amplifier kit. So, let’s follow the process and see where it takes us.I was looking for something that around $100, as a toy to play with. But it seems that that price level is unachieva…

PS3 Ubuntu 10.04 – Summary Guide

OK. So I broke my Ubuntu installation on my PS3, again. Happens all too regularly, I’m afraid. And, I’m not smart enough to fix it once it is borked. So, here’s how I start from scratch to get a Ubuntu 10.04 installation working on my PS3, from no…

Wii Linux & Homebrew – Summary Guide

I’m writing this down so that the steps I’ve taken to get a full debian Lenny GNU/Linux machine onto my Wii don’t get forgotten in the haze of my memory.When the Wii and PS3 were just released, back in 2006, I had one on pre-order and picked it up…