Gone Bush

Wrangler JL Rubicon – Build Log

As mentioned in Curb Weight I’m planning to use a 2022 Wrangler JL Rubicon 2 Door as my base vehicle. Without going into a lot of detail about its characteristics, it is probably the most capable off-road vehicle available off the showroom floor in Australia. So there isn’t much development required to get it prepared for overland expedition use. In fact many sources suggest that the majority of failure in overland vehicles comes from owner installed after-market options, so to…

Open Differential Torque Leakage

There are incorrect views about open differentials in the Internet. To this point specifically, an open differential provides exactly a 50/50 torque split between each axle at all times, by design. The differential’s role is to allow each wheel to travel at different speeds, but the torque split across the axle ends is always equal. You can Google that “torque split open differential” and there are lots of articles describing the mathematics and engineering behind this fact. Here is just one, for…

James Baroud Evasion RTT on a Stockman Pod

The most important benefit of fitting the James Baroud Evasion RTT to the Stockman Pod Extreme is that at just 1.5 metres off the ground a fall is substantially less dangerous. To further reduce the danger of falling, I’ve decided to fit my RTT so that the entry will be from the rear using a set of well formed, large and stable steps. This rear entry concept does have an impact on the method I’ve chosen to fit my RTT…

Stockman Pod Extreme Delivery Notes

This is a short note to cover the adjustments that I made to the standard Stockman Pod Extreme product, that do not appear on their options list.


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