Freetronics freeRTOS Retrograde Real Time Clock on PS3 – Part 2a

Just for interest, I decided to see how the support for AVR or Arduino was on the PS3.

Using the standard tools on Ubuntu Lucid 10.4 from my OtherOS installation. A quick search for AVR on synaptic got the avr-lib, avr-gcc, and avrdude tools needed. No special versions, just straight off the repository.

Then, I followed the link to the Pololu Libraries in my Part 2 post, made the changes to OrangutanLCD.h as noted, hit make, and crossed my fingers. No issue. It all worked. sudo make install to put the files in right place.

OK. does the PS3 USB platform recognise the FTDI 232RL USB chip on the Freetronics 2010? Yes. Another hurdle cleared, with no issues.

With that step done, it was simple to download the retrograde files from Practical Arduino as noted in Post 2, extract them. Hit make program and off we go. avrdude works as expected, and the new code is loaded as normal.

I’d say the whole test was over faster than it has taken to type this note.

I should be over this, but I get so happy when technology just works… particularly when it is all free. Got to love your FOSS.

One small issue. There doesn’t seem to be a release of Arduino tools for PS3 (PowerPC). Pity about that. Perhaps in another repository…