Going Bush

Planning during the past two years has been impossible. Worldwide, for everyone, so many things have changed.

I had plans, but I guess they’ve changed too. I no longer possess a licence for free movement, so leaving the country has become impossible. In the interim I’ve decided to go bush, at least until the restrictions on free movement are relaxed, and probably longer.

The Australian term “to go bush” has various definitions, including “to abandon amenity, and live rough” or “to live a simpler or more rural lifestyle”. Alternatively it can be seen as “going into hiding, to avoid authorities”.

The Bush

So these will be my notes on going bush. Since I’m not photogenic, vlogs are out and the written word will have to suffice. I hope to cover my motivation for decisions on timing, routes, and gear. And when the adventure finally begins, and I am truly “gone bush”, updates on activities should come regularly wherever the Internet exists.

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