National Security Legislation, Inquiry into Potential Reforms


“Committee, PJCIS (REPS)” <>

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a formal submission. Repeated here for consistency.

You are proposing the digital equivalent of steaming open every letter leaving my house, reading it, photocopying it, and storing the copy in a public warehouse without a reasonable lock.

These proposals would force all Australians to use personal end-to-end strong encryption on all communications, in the reality that all their data would be in public view for at least two years, and this will significantly and unjustifiably increase the cost of living and doing business for every Australian.

The laws providing for my right to a private life, and presumption of innocence are clear.

This reform proposal disregards these rights, is clearly an attempt to remove the last vestiges of personal privacy, the legal presumption of innocence, and introduce a Orwellian reality for Australians.


I received a nice reply…

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